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By Dominik Schmidt

Reading Stack #1 (A Heartbleeding Meltdown)

Happy New Year🍀 to everyone who's reading this. It's been an interesting start into 2018, learning that most of our computer chips are broken. Remember Heartbleed back in 2014? We're in a similar situation now and I think we should understand, that technology always will be buggy and there is no such thing as secure digital products. Anyway, let's see what I've been reading this week.

Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences

The CES is just around the corner (starting Sunday) and will kick-off the year in tech. Always a good time to predict which technology will shape the year ahead of us? The top three according to an article on CMO: Virtual Reality, Voice and Machine Learning (no surprises so far)...

Who Serves Whom?

Let's take a closer look at one of those "trends" in tech. A thought provoking piece on artificial intelligence which brings up the big questions we need to face in the coming years:

Do machines serve us as much as we serve those who own them?
Should humans serve machines or should they serve us?
May we give machines the technical, legal and political power to make decisions in our place, subjecting us to their processes?

My take on this: Yes, machines soon will be better in anything they do compared to humans. But they won't be intelligent. They are fulfilling a task without even being aware of what they're doing. So please, everybody just chill a bit.

The internet is broken

Oh no, not another "everything is fucked-up" kind of article. Well, this one on Wired (GB) actually follows an interesting idea:

So let's consider a thought experiment: if we were to reset the internet - shut everything down and start again, using 30 or so years of experience - would it still look the same? Or would we design something different… even better?

Have a nice week!