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Quick question: Have there ever been easy times for media & pr? I mean the times, when there was a clear picture of the road ahead for media, publishers and financing? Older colleagues and textbooks say so – but I haven't experienced them.

While I was still exploring adulthood as a teenager, something we now call digitalization happened. Almost everything has changed: information flows, media consumption, communication, globalization.

«Ha, ha. Your medium is dying!» (Nelson Muntz, Springfield)

Anyway, it's a tough time for being a com guy. The media business is wandering around in a state of disorientation. Everybody is worried about the transition from print to digital. What's the next thing and who is going to pay for it? I have (almost) no idea.

At the same time innovation happens best, when things are in an upheaval. So being a com guy in the 21st century is damn exciting as well. We have to figure out the tomorrow of publishing now. And that's what I'm mostly writing about on sludern dot com. Oh, and most of my writing happens in German. Sorry for my crappy English.

That's me


My name is Dominik Schmidt. I grew up in Freiburg (southern Germany) and studied Journalism and Political Science. My theses dealt with the cultural impact of Al Jazeera English and Twitter as an instrument of social diplomacy.

Currently I live in Cologne, co-founded a marketing agency Titelheld.AG in 2014, write for a living for my peace of mind and currently work for i22.

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